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Shaving, shaping a beard is a common man's daily routine. However, are we really doing it right? What shaving tools should you choose? How to avoid unpleasant sensations after the procedure? We asked these and other questions to the manager of the "Barzdaskučiai" salon, Kazimierus Norkas.
- What are the most common shaving mistakes?
- The main mistakes are that the skin is not prepared for this procedure, shaving is always in a hurry and not enough time and attention is given to it. Cheap shaving tools are also used, which also determine the final result. If men complain that they break out after shaving at home, it happens because the skin is not moisturized enough before shaving, and the "max" cosmetics used can be the culprit.
- How to shave a beard correctly?
- This is a long-lasting procedure. First, a hot towel is placed on the face to soften the skin and open the pores. Then the pre-shave cream is applied, then the oil, the hot towel is placed again and then the soap is applied with the brush.
After that, we shave once along the hair, add soap again, shave against the hair. Finally, a cold washcloth that closes the pores and aftershave or cologne. Perhaps it is possible to repeat similar steps at home, but you need to "play" and devote a lot of time to it.

What products would you recommend for shaving at home?

- I would suggest men not to shave at home, because it is brutally "stuck" and very uninteresting (laughs). Seriously, we only use cosmetics from companies that have been around since Victorian times and are the cream of the crop in shaving.

Although the price will, of course, be higher, the result will also be different, so I recommend not to spare money when choosing cosmetics. It is necessary to use pre-shave cream and soap, which I would advise you to apply with a brush - it applies and massages much better.

- What are the current beard fashion trends?

- Although beards and mustaches are "on the wave" in Lithuania, this trend is gradually falling out of fashion in the West. Well, but since the latest fashions reach us late, I think the beard will be fashionable for at least another year. It is true that beard fashion is not the same as hairstyle fashion, so it is almost impossible to say which length or shape is the most fashionable at the moment.

- Why is it worth visiting a barber at least once?

- We say that a man should go under the knife at least once - a completely different experience. When you shave at home, you don't understand the charm of this whole process, which takes about an hour. It "sticks" to some, not so much to others, but it's worth a try for every man.

- What if the beard does not grow or is not very lush?

- And it doesn't grow very well for me (laughs). Unfortunately, we don't have any magic creams, and I don't really believe in them.

- How should you take care of your beard?

- Both shampoos and soaps are made for beards. Special oils and wax can also be used to make the beard softer and prevent the hairs from splitting. And, of course, it needs to be properly formed.

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