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Although beards used to be more often chosen by older men as an expression of maturity, now one can see how quickly this attitude is changing. More and more people choose to match their beard to their image, regardless of age. Of course, a beard is still a sign of masculinity, so in order to look attractive, you want lush, soft and well-groomed facial hair. Unfortunately, sometimes it is not possible to have such a beard without doing anything - it does not grow or grows only in places, the color of the hairs and their structure are different. Sometimes the hair grows in different directions and the hairs stick out haphazardly, thus spoiling the image of a neat beard. The good news is that many of these problems can be solved with the right tools and good beard care.
Grow a beard
In order to have a longer and more beautiful beard, first of all, it is very important to let it grow. One of the biggest mistakes that make beard maintenance very difficult is cutting protruding hairs. Cutting them short can make your beard look smoother, but it only looks that way at the time. By constantly trimming only the hairs that stick out, the beard looks more and more cropped, which is why you have to trim it completely later. Sometimes it also happens that when the hair is shortened, it is understood that the hair was accidentally shortened too much or in unnecessary places. Then you also have to shave your beard. Growing a beard requires patience - it is better to grow it and only then start shaping it.
Benefits of beard washes
Both growing and maintaining your beard can make your daily life easier with a few tools that affect how your beard looks. Do you want a soft, dry and well-looking beard? Don't forget to use beard oil, gentle cleanser and styling products that will allow you to have the beard you've been dreaming of.
Beard washes or hair shampoos are also very important tools for beard hair. They help gently remove dirt, which is very important in order not to irritate the facial skin. It is best to choose washes and shampoos with a rich composition that nourish and strengthen the hair. Sebastian Seb Man The Multi - Tasker cleanser stimulates the hair roots and disinfects and tones the skin while strengthening the hair follicles. Of course, it is not recommended to wash the beard every day, it is enough to do it 1-2 times a week.
Important tools for the beard
In addition to the wash, it is very important to use a beard oil or balm. They can be used interchangeably if needed. The oil is useful for both short and long beards. It effectively moisturizes, nourishes the hairs, protects the skin from flaking, and the hairs from drying out and splitting, so the beard always looks vibrant. Regular use of the oil makes the beard much softer and smoother. For those with longer beards, a beard balm may also work. Its consistency resembles wax and helps to shape the beard more easily. At the same time, it performs the function of nutrition and hydration.
Combing the beard
The image of the beard is also determined by how it is shaped. Many men increasingly visit special salons, where the beard is fully cared for - unnecessary hairs are removed, the shape of the beard is improved, the length is evened out, and if necessary, it is even dyed. However, in daily care, to make it easier to shape the beard, to keep it neat and untangled, you must not forget to comb it. This can be done perfectly with special beard styling brushes or combs.

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