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Is your beard "a little" messy? Hair growing in all directions and split ends? Is it dry, flaky and lifeless? And the worst part is having itchy skin all the time? Wait a minute, don't screw up yet! You just need some good beard care tips and some knowledge to choose the right products for it.

Daily beard care

Beard oil

This is the number one product for your healthy and vibrant beard. Every self-respecting "barzdyla" must have it. Beard oil will soften your beard and make it look flawless. The most important functions of beard oil:

prevents itching;

stops skin flaking;

protects hair from drying out.

If you are just starting to grow a beard, use this remedy daily. The oil not only helps to grow your perfect beard, but also perfectly protects the skin from drying out. In this way, you will immediately protect yourself from unwanted itching of the beard.

It is best to use beard oil in the morning - right after you get out of the shower. Hot water and chlorine dry out not only your skin but also your beard. The oil will help moisturize it. Don't be afraid to apply it on a damp beard as well.

How to use beard oil?

Spread a small amount of oil between your palms. Apply it along the entire length of the beard. Don't forget to evenly coat the end of the beard as well. Be sure to reach the skin under the beard to moisturize it as well. That's all you need to know about beard oil.

Beard balm

Another very important step in your beard care routine is beard balm. Beard balm usually contains:

Wax (beeswax or palm wax);

Unrefined shea butter;

Vegetable oils - jojoba, coconut, sweet almond, argan;

Essential oils (eg peppermint).

Beard balm will help you perfectly shape the desired style. It will moisturize the facial hair, shape the beard and optically increase the luxuriance of the beard. Try to use a balm with a natural base that will not irritate your skin. If your beard is weak and thin, look for products with a higher concentration of palm oil - this naturally thickens the hair.

How to use beard balm?

Rub a small amount of it between your palms to warm it up a bit and make it easier to spread on your beard hair. Start at the neck and work your way up to the beard. After the beard balm, take a beard comb and create the desired style, distributing the balm evenly.

Beard comb

We recommend a beard comb for those who have medium-length longer beards that tend to tangle. It's also a great way to style your beard when you're using balm or wax. It is always better to choose a natural, handmade beard comb than one made of cheap plastic - it will irritate the skin less and will not "tear" the beard hair.

Weekly beard care

Beard shampoo

Some measures and procedures are intended only a few times a week. One such tool is beard shampoo. It gently but effectively cleans beard hair and facial skin. The low-foaming formula softens the beard, makes the hairs smooth and obedient, removes dirt, plaque and unpleasant smells Wet your beard with warm water and rub a small amount of shampoo into your beard thoroughly. Rinse well with water.

However, using too much paint can dry out the skin and beard hair, so don't forget to always have oil or balm on hand!

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