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Each part of the shaving ritual should be done with pleasure and with some knowledge in order to maintain a healthy and youthful facial skin. Perhaps, you already have your shaving habits, but do they not become a pain every morning and do not pass without unpleasant consequences? Irritated skin, ingrown hairs, razor burn, constant bleeding and unhealing wounds are easily avoidable dangers with the right shaving tools and a more comfortable technique.

In preparation for shaving

It doesn't matter if you are used to shaving in the morning or in the evening - the most important thing is that you take your time and give it enough time. Don't always turn a pleasant "work" into a pleasant ritual - proper preparation is the sure key to a great result. It is best to take a shower before shaving - wash your face with hot water. Warm water will not only soften the hairs and soften the skin of your face, but also open the pores. In this way, the razor will slide more easily on your skin.

Pre-shave cream

For many men, it still seems strange and maybe not necessary for a shaver. However, pre-shave cream can be one of the most important steps in the successful implementation of this ritual. Apply a pre-shave cream to wet skin with warm or hot water - it will soften the skin of the face and beard hair, thus creating a protective layer between the skin and the razor, so that it is less irritated. Gently massage the product into the skin of the face in circular motions.

Don't waste money on more expensive shaving cream

How to choose a good shaving cream? It has a rich creamy texture and does not lather. Applying shaving cream or foam will moisturize your beard hairs and prepare a perfect glide for the razor. If you notice that your skin is sensitive, choose a shaving cream for sensitive skin. Their supply is really large, but most of them are aerosol-type products that contain chemicals that dry out your skin. Avoid them. It is better to buy shaving cream in a tube - it usually lasts much longer.

Before shaving, massage the shaving cream with your hands, or even better, with a special shaving brush, and leave it for a minute so that the cream moisturizes and softens the beard hairs.

Shaving brush

A shaving brush basically performs three important functions. First of all, it helps to evenly spread the shaving cream on your facial skin, without leaving even the slightest gap, so that the razor glides perfectly and hooks even the most difficult-to-reach areas the first time. Secondly, it helps to remove dead skin cells, reduces irritation and the risk of the razor "hooking" on skin irregularities. And finally, it's a better option than applying by hand, because the brush will "get" closer and help you better apply the skin and beard hair you want to remove. We recommend using a soft-bristled, badger-hair shaving brush.

Choosing the right razor

When choosing a razor, consider what type of skin you have and how much time you can spend shaving. For a quick and efficient shave, we recommend Gillette Mach III or Fusion type razors. They usually come with an aloe vera strip, which allows the blade to glide more easily on the skin without irritating it. Their heads also adjust to the glide curve to follow the contour of the face.

With more time, more skilled, as well as professional shavers, they usually choose double-edged razors. However, you will have to invest more money and time for such a shave. It's the equivalent of a ceremony that also gives you a better shave.

Regardless of which razor you choose, make sure you have a sharp blade. For the best shave, use gentle strokes, don't apply too much pressure, let the weight of the razor regulate the glide.

Regardless of which razor you choose, make sure you have a sharp blade. For the best shave, use gentle strokes, don't apply too much pressure, let the weight of the razor regulate the glide.

Always rinse the razor thoroughly with hot water after use to remove shaving cream and hair residue. Be sure to wash your skin with cold water - it will tighten the pores. Dry with a towel, but do not rub hard. Do not use products containing alcohol after shaving if you do not want to irritate the skin.

A well-maintained razor will always ensure excellent shaving quality and will serve long and reliably.

The last stage of shaving is the aftershave balm

A good aftershave balm restores the skin's natural moisture and reduces irritation. Easily absorbed and nourishes the skin. Liquid, soft textures provide a pleasant sensation.

In conclusion

Higher shaving costs, responsible and careful choice of tools, higher time consumption - all this will definitely increase the pleasure of shaving, will undoubtedly make you happy with the results and will visibly rejuvenate the skin.

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